January 12, 2004
11:26 AM

"The stars are shining...I miss you tonight" or something like that.. Yes, the stars were shining in Santa Fe, NM.. What can I say about my weekend. A+++++++ is the grade I will give it. Gazing at the sky at night was magical(the brightest stars I've seen in a long time) and meeting some of the most amazing people has me still smiling right now. I just got home 30 minutes ago and am running on about an hours sleep. In a strange turn of events, my strange life landed me in Alb., NM last night sleeping in an econo lodge hotel with the Lawrence Arms. On a random call to Brendan to say Hi, he said they were going to go to Alb. on their day off to sleep and lucky me! I was only 45 minutes away. So I headed out to their hotel and stayed up til 4:30 AM talking about everything and drinking cheap wine. I couldn't finish the small portion I was given, but at least I tried to partake. I took a taxi to the airport and braved the skyline for the next 4 hours.

The show in Santa Fe was one of my favorites. The place I played was called WAREHOUSE 21. It's a non-profit all ages space that is used for live music, plays, and art shows. It makes me want to open up a teen center in N. California more and more. It's just such a positive atmosphere. Something is to be said about a small town community of people who don't care about being part of a scene. Just those who care about supporting indie music. #1 shout out goes to RYAN PARKER for hosting me and just ruling. Thanks to Noah, Meg, Jayhon, Electra, Chris, Alex, and many others whose names I don't remember. Sorry. I'm behind on work, so excuse me as I leave you with the sounds of the Clash. Well, you can't hear it, but that's what I'm listening to.

Peace always, Mike Park