January 09, 2004
11:13 AM

I woke up dazed and confused. For some reason I thought it was Saturday and within 30 seconds I was on the phone with my sister saying "Audrey!! Oh man.. Can I get a ride to the airport? I'm late! I'll meet you at moms".. So I rush off to my moms and when I arrive I see Miya and Tonys(they work at asian man) cars in the driveway and I'm thinking...What the? It's only Friday? I'm dumb.

And so that's how I started my day. Now I'm sipping some green tea, eating home fries and some toast. Saw ELF again last night. The 4th time for me. I drove through fierce traffic to Oakland to see it. One of my weaknesses is traffic. Put me behind the wheel in traffic and profanity will spurt from my tongue. Alas, I arrive in time for the movie. It's at a place acalled the parkway.

I've heard amazing things about this place. The movies are only $5 and there's couches that fill the front area. They have a full dinner menu that they will bring to your table. It's pretty neat stuff. I wish there was one near me. Pretty dreamy..... I'm off to Santa Fe, NM tomorrow. If you're from the area, I'll see you.... If not, have a great weekend.

Peace, Mike Park