January 08, 2004
10:40 AM

By Tuesday evening I was feeling quite good and mustered up enough energy to go see a movie called Monster with Christina Ricci and Charlize Therrin(I think that's how you spell her name). Well, all I have to see is SHOWZAMOWZA!! Super intense based on a true story movie. I can't believe it. Therrin had to gain like 60 pounds for the role and I just couldn't believe how amazing she was in this movie.

It's a story about a lesbian couple, which involves one being a prostitude/murderess. Pretty strange you think? Well, just see the movie. You'll freak out even more. I got to hang out with my friend Ken a bit and get to walk the streets of San Jose before the flick. That was refreshing since I barely got any excercise the past weekend.

I stayed up til' the wee hours after the movie thinking about stuff. In particular my friend Bridgett whom I still am in love with and the realization of this is slowly eating at me. I told her I needed to distance myself from her to truly get over her. It's probably the hardest thing I've ever done in my life. The thought of not being able to see her, smell her, talk to her, hug her.... ARGGHHHH!!! That sums up my emotions. I guess life was never meant to be easy or we'd all be listening to Good Charlotte and eating McDonalds.

Yesterday I finally got to go to Santa Cruz. A town that is so dear to me. I met up with Mr. Dan Potthast and my friend Greg and we rode bikes downtown to get Burritos and then we had a few cocktails at the Red Room. I managed to drink half a beer and then watched Greg and Dan drink CAR BOMBS! A car bomb consists of half a guiness and a shot of I think whisky and baileys. And it's supposed to taste like a milkshake. YUMM!!! So a little drunkeness took place.

Another friend Zack was playing drums in a jazz combo across the street, so we went over there and watched him and his combo. It was a neat place, but I don't remember the name. It was raining a bit at this point and we headed back on bikes taking the bike path off the streets, but all the gates were locked that leaded back to the main street so we had to do some guerilla trained riding to get back on the main strip.

And back home I was at 2 AM in time to watch the Family Guy!! WOOHOOO!!!!!!!!! Today it's work work and then off to Berkeley to hang out with my friend Mara.

Peace, mike park