January 06, 2004
2:59 PM

Austin City Limits....Meet San Jose City Limits. Oh the marvels of air travel. I'm back home and feeling much better with still a bit of a grumbling down in my belly. I played at EMOS last night in Austin and would say it was ok I guess. I was still feeling pretty woozy and the atmosphere was a little odd as it was a free show and a mostly bar crowd type of feel.

There were definitely some fans/friends to see me so that was good, but I played a very short set of around 20 minutes and then I was done.. That was my Texas tour. Done. I met a Korean Girl named Jeannie who reads my newsletter every day, but I never saw her after I played. I saw Jimmy Flame from the Blue Meanies at the show. I saw a cute girl with a scarf and I waved at her and she waved back and that was it. Hmmm... Pretty smooth of me eh?

Overall..TEXAS=FUN I've got work to do and it's freezing here. California sun where are you?

Peace, Mike Park