January 05, 2004
3:54 PM

Oh how the world turns.....I went from elated young man loving all that surrounded him into sick throwing up/flu boy. I spent all of yesterday doing nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Just leisure time. I was in Houston up til 7PM and then headed to Austin with my buddy Grant. We stopped by a friend of Grants. It was a going away party for this guy named Danny who was leaving for NYC to play drums in a touring band. I forgot the name of the band.

Anyways, we stopped by their home in this very remote country road. The weather turned and it got super cold. Where am I going with this? I have no idea. basically, our 3 hour drive to Austin, turned to a 5 hour excursion.

Getting into town at around midnight. I hadn't eaten all day and I was feeling a bit ill, so I just presumed I was hungry. So I ate some food at a restaurant and then the next thing I know....I'm throwing up on all fours in the toilet at Grants apartment.

That continued throughout the night, up til' around 3AM and then I fell asleep. Anyways, I feel a bunch better now, but I've got a show to play tonight and I just feel crappy. I'm going to cut my trip short and head home tomorrow morning. So...that's my trip so far.

Reading yesterdays entry, I go from this super vacation feel to complete misery as of right now. UGGHHH!!!

Peace, Mike Park