March 12, 2013

Over two months later and hopes of writing a daily journal has failed tremendously. The fact that I'm still on tour is insane to me, but I'll be perfectly honest and say that this tour has been a vacation more than anything else.

I toured from 1989-1996 at an alarming rate of over 200 shows a year. All done in a van and rarely did I have hotel rooms.

This time through I'm on a tour bus, get catering 3 times a day and have my own hotel room most days. It does seem silly when I truly think about it. Almost guilty feeling to be perfectly honest. But then friends would say "Mike, you deserve this". I concur... I DO DESERVE THIS!!!

This is awesome!! I'm loving every second, but I miss my family dearly and being gone makes you appreciate the madness of being a parent to a 4 and 6 year old. So there you go friends. 2 months and 3 days between blog entries. So many good things I could have written about, but the excitement of being on tour and exploring the many variants that go along with such tour surpassed my desire to write. Sorry.

Be well friends. This opportunity will never happen to me again. It's back to punk rock luxuries of crashing on friends couches. :)
peace, mike park