January 04, 2004
2:56 PM

I feel like I'm in a movie right now. Playing the lead role in a twisted Tim Burton flick or perhaps a heady young Indie director taking me into a journey of complex situations and scenarios.

Regardless, I am having a beautiful time here in Texas. I've been staying at the most beautiful home in Houston with my friend Grant. His parents are big story tellers. I've heard many wicked tales of times past and times to come....

They love their son so much. It's pretty amazing to see. I hope I can take these lessons to heart and learn from them. Grants Dad's nickname is ACE. He was a magician in College.. Well, he was a student in college, but did magic at the 2nd TGIF restaurant made.

He did magic tricks to help pay for school and to pay for necessities in life like FOOD. His wife whom I forgot her name....argghhh!! She did fortune telling at the TGIF. So they were like the magic couple. Anyways, ACE did some Magic for me yesterday and taught me some card tricks. I will go back to California as a master magician and perhaps I'll impress the girls with my new skills. Yup.

Well, we're heading off to Austin today. IT's about a three hour trek, so we'll be in in the evening sometime. I played in a small little town called Lake Jackson, TX last night. It was at a small little hall. Very much like a vets hall atmosphere. It had been quite awhile since I played a show like this.

No stage, small PA system, no monitors.....but nonetheless a great show. There were only about 50-60 people there, but I had such a good time. It's a reminder to me that size doesn't matter. Quality over Quantity. Everyone was real sweet and there just didn't seem to be any attitudes there. Just smiles and smiles.

I've got one more Texas show tomorrow in Austin and then it's back to work at asian man. Though I love work, I feel like I'm on an amazing vacation. Thanks Texas for the fun.

Peace always, Mike Park