October 14, 2011

Tomorrow is my son MOSES YOUNG PARK'S 3rd birthday. 3 years old already. And he's still a drooling machine. Non stop drool.... drool....droool.............

When does the drool stop. He's also good at throwing tantrums these days. He was such an easy baby. All the way up through 20 months of age, just a super duper smiley happy baby and then it all changed.

I mean I still love him and everything and wouldn't trade him away like a sports team, but geez louis... he's a handful these days.

on the other hand, my daughter is a piece of cake. She's even starting to help out with basic chores. We'll instill more and more responsibilities with her in the next year.

But yes, happy friday people and happy birthday to my son MOSES. Please be a good boy tomorrow. If you are good, I will let you watch episodes of yo gabba gabba whilst I watch football on sunday.
love, daddy.