January 03, 2004
3:34 PM

Holy Shmoly!! I just woke up. I stayed up til 6AM talking to my friend Grant about everything and anything. I stayed at his parents house(where I am currently) and it is majestic. Beautiful, clean, secret rooms(Seriously), great stories...etc.. I just met his parents and grandfather and they are wonderful people. I'm gonna keep this fairly short as I'd like to spend some time with them. But just wanted to say that I had a good time last night at the show in Houston. Mixing politics and music can be difficult as I found out last night, but I won't get into that. Met some great people including the group that drove 19 hours from N. Carolina. That's amazing!! Had a beautiful time with my friend Dusti who was nice enough to show me around Houston and go Thrift shopping with me. I played 2 songs in the car of some new friends who wanted to hear certain songs that I didn't play. Ummmm....Saw an old friend named Amanda who looks like Wynona Ryder. Ummm....Drank some green tea this morning...ummm....got scared by the family dog while I was sleeping and screamed...ummmm... ate horrible Mexican food late last night though the restaurant was packed and people said this was the place to go...ummm....that's it..

Peace, Mike Park