January 17, 2011

Disneyland is a pretty insane place. I would enjoy working there. Seriously. Even though it's chaotic beyond belief, the opportunity to spend a large amount of time there and really analyze the ins and outs of this ridiculous place would keep my juices flowing in a positive fashion.

So here's my review of the past 5 days.
Wednesday morning I rose at 5 am and started to prepare for our journey to southern California. Monica and I had everything packed and ready to go the previous night and the plan was to wake up, collect our senses, and then grab the kids while they were still asleep and put them in the car and go.

Didn't quite work out that well, but we made good time and were on the road by 6 AM. No traffic makes me happy and we sped merrily along the 85 south, to the 101 south, to the 152 east, and finally hwy 5 south for most of the journey.

With only one pit stop a little south of Bakersfield, we gassed up, did some jumping jacks and we were off to Anaheim.
Remarkably we only hit a little bit of LA traffic and arrived at our HOLIDAY INN(which I got on HOTWIRE for $79/night) at 11:53 AM. Unfortunately they wouldn't let us check in until 1:30, so we went to the adjoining RED ROBIN restaurant for lunch.

Let me start off by saying that RED ROBIN is a very very very bad restaurant. The staff is fine and super nice, but wow... the food is horrible. And I can eat some bad food without complaining. Just frozen vegetables boiled to an inedible consistency and pasta that would make any grade school cafeteria look like the RITZ Carlton made me quiver in disgust. But of course I still ate all my food.

Anyways........after checking in to the hotel, we just relaxed. Took the kids to the pool and got ready for the chaos of the next day. I woke up at 5:10 AM and didn't want to wake anyone, so I headed to the gym and rode the bike while watching sports center.

We arrived at the magic kingdom just before 9 AM and rode the tram to downtown Disney. Spent some time in the disney store before making our way to the park. There we met our new best friend JAY LEVY who hooked us up with free tickets. What a super duper person he is. We charged through the park and the magic of disney was on.

Actually, we only lasted til around 2 PM. The kids were losing their minds at that point and to be honest, we were pretty friggin tired ourselves. I think I was running on about 7 hrs sleep for the last 52 hrs, so I popped a ton of advil and just kept charging. Come to think of it we only went on about 5 rides that whole time. Hmmmm.....

The next day we were recharged. I powered through 8 straight hrs of sleep and the park opened an hour earlier on Friday so we were off headed out at 7:50 AM. A quick Jamba Juice breakfast and I was amped.

We tackled all the princess meet and greets early on to bypass the lines and then rode all the kiddie classics. Here's a complete list of what we rode:
-small world
-peter pan
-snow white
-pirates of the carribean
-jungle cruise
and then I personally rode
-Indiana Jones
-Splash Mountain twice
-Space Mountain

and that's it. 2 days at Disney and that's all I rode. If I was with just my wife, we would have managed at least 100 rides in 2 days. oh well. It's all done for a different reason now, but still as fun as ever. No matter what your opinion is on Disney, I friggin love it. Well, considering I got in free.
Peace, mike