January 08, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! A week later, but nonetheless HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEARS to all.

Everything is swell in Northern California. The family and I are enjoying the post holiday crush and now gearing up to tackle DISNEYLAND for the first time. Well, the first time for the kids and my wife. I've been there many times and I really love it.

I love the attention to detail in every nook and cranny of the park. Basically I'm an oversized kid in a 41 year old body. If I could afford raising a family on the wage of a disneyland employee I'd work the SPACE MOUNTAIN ride for the rest of my life and frolic along the Haunted Mansion on my lunch break.

But alas I agree I do have a pretty friggin good job. I continue to master the art of trading music for goods. The disneyland trip will cost zero dollars. 2 days at the magic kingdom will be comped by a gentleman I've never met before In my life, but due to 15 years of writing the following on every single newsletter:

TRADES: Anybody live in the bay area?? Near San Francisco? Want to trade stuff for Asian Man cds, shirts, etc. What free stuff you ask?? Basically anything...if you work in a restaurant, theater, any type of entertainment like arcades, batting cages, amusement parks, blah blah....anything. Let's trade!!
Anything we have at Asian Man is up for trade. Actually, even if you live in a different state/country get in touch as I tour often and perhaps will end up through your town. BOOYAH!!

I've managed to get so much free stuff it's insane. Here's some of the crazy stuff I've managed:
and so much more. Actually thinking about all the past experiences have put a smile on my face. Really ridiculous scenarios that I can't really explain why it's so fulfilling for me??

At age 41 I still have a fake student body card for San Jose State University even though the picture looks nothing like me, I still can go to all the sporting events for free and take advantage of student discounts.

Back in 1994 I lived illegally at a UC BERKELEY student co op called Rochdale. A friend was a grad student there and I lived in his closet for $150 a month. I managed to live there for 7 months and was able to survive off the small amount of money I made playing music at the time. So my days were spent without a worry. Just walking aimlessly around the east bay exploring the city of Berkeley and the surrounding suburbs.

I wanted to use the school facilities so I randomly approached an asian man and offered him $25 to buy his student body card. A replacement card was only $10 I explained to him and that he would profit $15 and I believe my D list celebrity was in my favor that day as he knew who I was and it made the awkward scheme plausible.

So I was set. I had a student body card and spent many hours hanging out in the gym playing basketball with fellow students whom all thought I was one of them, but I wasn't. Just a crazy young man who is still a crazy man, but just a little older.
peace, mike park