November 24, 2010

Happy Wednesday!
One week has passed and I've yet to hit up a dentist. Not so smart I agree, but for some reason I keep fighting the pain thinking that it will magically disappear. But deep down inside I know this not to be the case. WAH WAH...

From 1989-1996 I played in a band called Skankin' Pickle. The break up was not pleasant and since that time we've lost one to a drug overdose and contact with other members has been minimal due to time and other non important factors.

I did keep in touch with one member pretty regularly. Gerry Lundquist whom I have still been able to perform with over the past 14 years. Gerry was closest to Lars, but they had a falling out and hadn't seen each other since 1996. They were the closest of the bunch. Best friends whilst on tour and after all this time I knew both still cared for each other.

Ok.. yes, there is a point to all of this. There's a childrens television show called YO GABBA GABBA and I was invited to be the SUPER MUSIC FRIEND on their live tour that was coming to San Francisco. At first I thought I'd just play guitar and sing a fun kids song, but then I had the idea to play with a full band and for some reason I wanted GERRY and LARS to join me.

And so I reached out and both agreed. It was a joyous reunion

To be honest, it really did feel wonderful and it seemed to me that it was extremely genuine and that all problems of the past were just that. The past.

I knew that Lars had a 2 year old son and was a fan of YO GABBA GABBA, so this reunion made a lot of sense. We played one song and even though we hadn't played together since May of 1996, it really did sound good. We only rehearsed for 15 minutes. I used a local band called MONKEY to be the rhythm section since I knew that in a worst case scenario they'd at least be sounding good.
and the most important thing of all... My kids getting to enjoy the show, see daddy play music, and meet all the members of the YO GABBA crew. BROBEE, MUNO, FUFA, PLEX, and TOOTIE.

fun fun
peace, mike park