October 29, 2010

7:12 AM
My time is short as the troops will be waking soon, so I'll try to write as fast as humanly possible. There's no agenda to write about, so I will go back to high school era lessons of FREE WRITING technique. I think that's what it's called. Just keep writing non-stop about anything, so yeah, that what I'm doing. Why not. I like to write nonsense.

I am often a no nonsense type of guy, but now I am all about nonsense. So what? Probably nobody even reads this anymore due to my lack of posts. But here we go.. what the? Ok, the Giants are in the world series. This is pretty much the local team here, even though I am about 50 miles south of San Francisco, but it's crazy to see people lose their minds in excitement over a sports team winning. People are dressed in orange and black losing their friggin minds. It's Giants fever. And though I am a casual fan and rooting for them, my heart will always be with the Oakland A's. My poor overachieving team from across the bay.

They(the A's) of no fan support drew just over 15,000 people a game. Let's compare that to the St Louis Cardinals who drew over 45,000 people per game or let's take the lowly Seattle Mariners who've never even been to the World Series and their 27,000 per game. Anyways, I kind of like the fact that nobody goes to A's games. I'm guaranteed a comfortable seat with more arm and legroom then anyone from the major markets could ever imagine.

Wow.. this is extremely boring stuff. I'll spare you the boredom and end this. Be well. Have a great weekend.
peace, mike park