October 27, 2010

Happy Wednesday.
It's 6:53 AM and I've got shin splints.
can you relate?

It's very painful especially when you try to play basketball through this excruciatingly painful ailment.

Bet you're really interested in this eh? No? OK.. Fair enough.

Halloween is this Sunday. Will have some cute pics of the family for sure. WE've already done a couple dress up opportunities in the community for them, but will wait for the big day to show off their threads. But I will say my son is a football player and Maggie of course is a princess cause really what do all 4 year old girls want to be?

There is a little boy sitting next to me speaking like crazy. The thing is he's starting to make sense to me. What was strictly baby talk is now becoming words and what were now just a few words are working into sentences. Soon he will speaking GOODER than DADDd..

He says stuff like "Daddy guitar broken". or the ever popular "gum.. chew gum". But he doesn't chew. He swallows it after all the flavor is gone. DOH!!!

We were looking at some baby pictures of him and though we knew he was a big baby, the trip through memory lane made my wife and I go "WOAH".. "THAT'S A BIG BABY".

peace, mike park