January 02, 2004
1:52 PM

What a great nights sleep. A good 9-10 hours. I am waiting for my friend Dusti to pick me up so we can go downtown and check out the thrift stores. One of my most favorite things to do in the whole wide world is thrift shopping. Hopefully I can score some vintage threads. I rente3d a portable DVD player at the airport yesterday. It cost $12, but I thought come one Mike don't be so cheap. So I get this thing and rent gangs of New York. Unfortunately I fell asleep before we even took off and then I woke up an hour into the flight, so I started my movie, but wasn't able to finish it. Arghhh... $12 down the drain? I don't know. It definitely helped pass the time a bit easier. We got a lunch bag that had the un-healthiest food available. Doritos chips, candy bar, Salami sandwhich with cheese and a half a banana. I ate the banana and the chips, but I've eaten so much candy recently that I passed on the sweet treat. It's winter time, but in Houston it's 72 degrees, with humidity. Damn... I can't imagine what living here in the summer is like. Shooootzz... My friend is here. Bye now...

Peace, mike park