March 21, 2010

Sunday night... Health care bill passed and yes... I'm happy! What else? Not much. Same ol' same ol'. Life revolves around family and so turns another boring, but amazing chapter in my life(If we are referring to months as chapters).

Went on a chartered boat cruise with one of the bands on Asian Man called the Hot Toddies.

They were hired to play a GOOGLE party.

Not bad... Free food and drinks and basically a party boat? Is that what you call these things?

Somehow I managed to go too. I relish free stuff as I've notated many many times through the years. So as the boat left the dock, I remember thinking "this is awesome". I'm living the dream. But two hours into the trip, I started getting sea sick and the dream turned into a nightmare.

But I managed not to throw up, instead I forged ahead. Damn, I guess I'm prone to motion sickness. But the food was good.

My niece turned 3 a few weekends ago. She had a birthday party at a place called BOUNCY LAND.

Pretty cool. Wish I could have jumped around too. Just imagine a ton of different bouncy houses set up in a big room and just letting the kids go crazy. RAD...
Ahhhh... the fun of being a kid. Wish I could go back. Seriously. Grown up business sucks. What a life. All this responsibility crap is for the birds. I want to be a kid again and just play in the park and eat spaghetti.

Weather is killer now. 7 days straight of 70 degree + temperatures. Wonder if summer is here for good. Daylight savings clicked last Sunday, so the long days are finally here.
Looking forward to it. Hopefully this means many days at the beach. We'll see.
Be well.
Peace, mike park