February 20, 2010

Happy February....
Another month flies by and so does life. My daughter Maggie said to me "Daddy, why are you so old"? My answer "I have no idea". Dang dang dang..
There's the funny girl. She likes making faces for the camera. Actually, so does Moses. Will they be comedians? Who knows? and Maggie and Moses are surely getting better at playing together. They often play dress up for no other reason than I guess that's what you do when you are repectively 39 months and 16 months old.

Moses got a haircut. Well, we just used the electric clippers. Actually, Monica used the clippers. Looks pretty good. It hink we can save a good chunk of money over the next 18 years if we only do the hair cutting. Hmmmm... Will our kids hate us? How will Maggie look with a buzz cut? up here!! Smile for the cameras....

After a pretty wicked stretch of rain, we had spring like weather the past few weeks. There's nothing better than walking around in shorts in the middle of February. And that meant a trip to the beach and a chance to break out the bike. Tried putting both kids in the bike trailer, but Moses wasn't too happy. But once we started moving, he seemed to enjoy the ride.

Monica and I rarely go out to dinner. Well, we go to a couple cheap places like a taqueria or a hole in the wall mom and pop cafe, but we never go to restaurants that cost more than $10. Seriously. I'm so cheap and I've been able to cast my spell on Monica. But once in awhile we go out if it's a birthday or something of that sort. Our friend Tiffany turned 33 last weekend and we went to Benihana. Familiar? Japanese restaurant where they cook at the table and do fancy shmancy cooking techniques right in front of your eyes.

Anyways, none of the cooks were even Japanese. Our cooks name was EDUARDO

, but he was a nice dude and played the part of showman and therefore it was still fun, but dang it's expensive. $65 each person. DING DONG. And they put butter on everything. Not that there's anything wrong with butter, but no matter what you are cooking..if you add butter it's gonna taste pretty good.

A few months back I watched a documentary called "ANVIL! THE STORY OF ANVIL! It's about a metal band from eastern Canada who have been a band for over 35 years and were still trying to make it in music. It's really an amazing movie to be honest. I was totally captivated and would recommend it to anyone. Anyways, after seeing the movie i checked out their website and lo and behold, they were playing in San Francisco.

Being the cheap skate I am, I pulled the strings to get free tickets and managed to get in on the meet and greet with the band. The singer LIPS seemed to be pretty authentic from the movie and same with the drummer who really didn't show his emotions and yeah.. guess who's who?

Well, I better go to sleep now. Hope all is well.
Be good.
Peace, mike park