January 15, 2010

Happy New Year! :0
I'm sitting at home on a friday morning whilst my youngest sleeps. Maggie has pre-school and mommy is working at said pre-school as part of the parent/child participation school that she attends.
look, mommy is working hard
Yup.. life is exciting. DING DONG

Yeah, I admit I miss the pre parent lifestyle of late nights and sleeping in til' noon. But it's also pretty cool to be a dad now. And I still go out a lot. I guess my job requires this. And I've somehow managed to function pretty well off 4-5 hrs of sleep per night. But anyways...

we thought maggie looked good in these

but never would have imagined we have the second coming of elton john on our hands
Dang,can't believe xmas was already a month ago. Does time really just shoot by this fast once you become a senior citizen? lots of yummy korean food
& cake
and look yo gabba gabba toys

oh..by the way Moses is walking now.

look mom.. no hands!
Peace, mike park