December 08, 2009

Holy moly!! Three months have passed and wow wow easy it is to just ignore this. Where do I start?

well, the family is great. My daughter turned 3 last month and my son turned 1 in October. It seems just like yesterday that my daughter was born. How true it is to say time does fly.

Also, I turned the big 40 last month. Which seems ridiculous to me. I still feel like a kid and I guess that's a good thing. My interests don't really mesh with most people my age. How many 40 year olds still go to GILMAN and still feel at home when there? I often wonder where all the punks of 20 years ago are now? Suit and tie? Hmmm...

Well, this is short and sweet. I just wanted to write something to let the world know this spot is still alive.

Lastly, does anyone work at a car dealership? Or have a parent that works at a car dealership? I need to buy a mini van as our family needs a decent sized car. Anybody? I'll even travel within 300 miles if it means I can get a hook up of a deal.

Shoooootzzzz.. help a brother out.
peace, mike park