September 15, 2009

10:45 AM
I've really neglected this space. My ideas, happenings, and other odds and ends were once such a relevant routine for me to share on this here blog, but the clock ticks and tocks and before you know it, two months have passed since you last post anything.

So here I am on September 15th catching up with much randomness.....
on the music end, here's what's going on:
I am going into the studio on September 30th and Oct 1st to finish up my third solo record. I have also been rehearsing with the band HARD GIRLS for a childrens album that will hopefully be completed by years end and out sometime next year.

I'd like to really do well with my children's album. I wonder how you book shows at schools and libraries? Hmmmm... some research will need to be done.

I'm also playing a handful of shows. Next weekend I'll be playing in phoenix with AJJ at the drop in gallery. it's a free show from 5-7 pm.

and then next month it's off to chicago to play the lawrence arms 10 year anniversary at the metro. and finally it looks like I'll be doing some shows in Hawaii in early November. This will complete the year for me and then I'll figure out what's in store for the future.

Ok, that is all for now. Perhaps I'll write more interesting stuff in the near future. be well.
peace, mike park