July 09, 2009

8:11 AM
Moses is almost 9 months old. He's a really happy baby. Rarely cries. But likes to smile quite a bit. He's also quite large. There's always some kind of kinship when you saddle up next to another parent with an infant and then small talk occurs. Usually the following is said "HOW OLD IS YOUR BABY?"

And then when we say 9 months, they say WOW. He's big. What do you think?
He's a funny boy. He still can't crawl, but he can maneuver himself anywhere and everywhere by looking up, finding his spot, and then rolling towards that direction. Pretty awesome way to get around if you ask me.

On Mon and Tues from 5-10 PM all rides at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk are just $.75. When I was in high school it was $.35. Yes, I've gotten to that point in life where I can say "back when I was a kid".. Anyways, the family made it out on Tuesday to see if Maggie was ready for the amusement park experience and yes.. She is insane. NO FEAR!! Ready to tackle all rides. Pointing to the bigger rides wanting more thrill. At only 2 years and 7 months of age, we found the experience amazing and frightening as she would lean out of the rides with her hands up. DOH!!

Well, that is life as a parent. i love amusement parks and I love rollercoasters, but the enjoyment of just watching your child have fun is probably the most exciting thing I've every experienced.
Peace, mike park