July 07, 2009

8:43 AM
My infant son cries in the next room as my wife's heart breaks. She has a tough time during the cry out sessions. I am able to zone it out and forge ahead. I know he will soon be asleep and all that anger and rage he is exuding from his soul will soon be forgotten with temperate sleep and thoughts of lollipops and candy corn.

It's Tuesday and for the last few months I've chosen this day to be kind of a day off for me. I probably still work a few hours, but for the most part I stay at home. Work is fun for me, but no work is even better. At least when it's put into the equation with healthy work days too. But I guess the summer weather doesn't help things in terms of being productive. Something about summer makes me just want to play outside.

There's always a thought in my mind that so much is going on in the world that I just want to get out there and experience everything. It's hard for me to relax and just sit idle for long periods of time. I want to do anything and everything. Experience it all right. Part of me misses touring, but when I'm on tour I miss my family so much. It's a catch 22 and dream of the day that I can afford buying an RV and packing the family in for summer tours of me playing punk houses across the us of a.

That would be fun. Wonder if my wife would be into that? Or my kids? I hope so. I remember taking family trips as a youngster and definitely wanting to be home with my friends. One trip to the GRAND CANYON was just me complaining the whole time. Why is it that the beautiful things aren't appreciated as much by kids? Or was it just me? Who knows. I hope I can somehow trick my kids into thinking I'm pretty cool. We'll see I guess.
mike park