June 23, 2009

9:45 AM
Recently there's been a ton of shows in San Jose due to the efforts of a guy named Eric Fanali. And these are shows that I consider relevant in terms of actually wanting to see these bands. I.E. not a bunch of high school bands playing a random all ages show(which is great, but when you're 40 years old and love music, it's not exactly the most soul driving experience).

And though a lot of these shows are relegated to a 21+ bar, it's still pretty rare to see a band like ISIS(which was last night) in a 250 capacity bar in San Jose. They play the GREAT AMERICAN MUSIC HALL tonight in San Francisco which will be sold out at 700 people, so again a rare chance to see a band who just recently toured with TOOL play a small bar is like WOW!!

And I saw the THERMALS play there recently and a slew of all ages show at a nickel arcade three exits from my home has my music fix content for the immediate. Hopefully more national acts will traverse to the south bay allowing me to bypass the long drive to the city. VIVA SAN JOSE!! For now at least. GO ERIC.. GO!
Peace, mike park