May 12, 2009

2:08 AM(california)
10:08 AM(somewhere between Derby and Leeds)
The past few days have whizzed by, so I apologize for being absent. I'll back track to last Friday. Swansea Wales was our destination point and the venue was called SIGMA. A lady on the train who sat across from me was speaking Welsch to her daughter. My first contact hearing this language being spoken. The signs around town were in both languages, so we were able to enjoy a bit of true overseas travel. Almost like we were in mainland Europe. Anyways.....

Considering the lackluster performances of the last few days, I was happy to finally have a feel good show. It felt like a real show instead of that bar show atmosphere with me being the monkey up on stage to entertain the alcohol fueled patrons. I'm not quite sure where my destiny lies in the UK? There's a definite regression in progress from each tour that I do. I can only assume this means that there is a sense of apathy towards my music/message, etc.. Yeah.. I know. I sound so defeated, but it's really just an observation as I try to understand how and why certain things work the way they do. Nonetheless, I still feel blessed always.

We stayed at a girl named Kat's home. She was 18, vegan, had flyers on her wall, a growing collection of tattoos, and a nice person(Perhaps you can paint a picture of what she looks like?). She was feuding with a few of her housemates, so it was a bit awkward. Her room was big enough to sleep all of us , and served as a safehaven between the tension stirring in her home. Zzzzzzz.....

The next day we headed off for Bristol and a venue called The Croft. A nice and lengthy walk from the station to the venue sometimes gets an unwelcoming from Morgan(bass player for classics of love.. the band i am on tour with) who tends to enjoy a more leisure approach to travel. But I like walking and feel this is the only exercise we really get. I'm starting to think that we should have hired a van and driver for this tour. My train only touring style is only effective if it's myself and a mate, so yes..I'm always learning new things. Anyways, the CROFT show was fun. We met a great band called ZAPAT????(Shoootzz. can't remember their name) and they were friendly and excited to be playing the show. They played a screeching weasel style pop punk.

After the show, we battled the longest walk yet. All uphill, 40 minutes of laborious trudging to the promoters home. And even I was hoping for a pardon from the tarmac and that somehow the walk would end. Resting in the tv room, I sat in my underwear to cool down from the walk. Sweat drenched my shirt and i enjoyed the cold of the night as we all settled around the tv watching the Bouncing Souls documentary "15 years.. or something like that??" What a great documentary and great band.

Next stop.....DERBY. We left at half past noon and got in at 2:40 PM. The venue is directly across the street from the station, but for some reason my memory of its location had changed(I played here about 4 years ago). The image in my mind was so strong of exactly how it looked and where it was located, but yup.. totally different looking(from the outside at least). The place is called the VICTORIA INN. Inside there's a quaint pub and then beyond the doors to the left houses the venue which has a small dungeoness feel to it with the stench of piss and shit floating about. Not the most desirable of scents, but still a great venue. The place is really small, but so many great bands have played there. From GBH, DISCHARGE, BAD MANNERS, THE VARUKERS and so many more.

Jesse was in dire need to do laundry and fortunately the venue hooked us up and did a couple loads for us. I contributed the following to the load:
1 pair of socks
1 underwear

What I got back was:
1 sock

Damn.. My underwear was gone and got only one sock back. Where did the rest go? DOH!! I think I'm going to try and buy some underwear and socks either today and tomorrow and that will last me until I get home. Considering the fact that I have been wearing the same socks, underwear, shirt and pants for three days in a row, I still smell pretty darn good.

We didn't have a place to stay that night, so during my set I asked if anyone could house us. We got three offers.
1.University boys who were in the first band
2.20 something punker guy who was a working class lad
3.2 women in their twenties

Well, we took a gamble and thought the women would have the cleanest home. And we were right. Even though it was small, we lucked out and got a nice and clean place. There were three people living there and one of them gave up their bed for Jesse and I. It was super comfortable and I got a great nights sleep. AHHHHHH!! Remarkably we've been able to survive the entire tour thus far without having to get a hotel.. 6 more days. Hope we can keep it up.

Today's train ride is 7 hours long. But I'm in comfort right now. Sitting at a table on the train has allowed me to relax, stretch out, and get some work done. I'm feeling pretty good today. But still miss my family more than one can imagine.
Be well.
Peace, mike park