May 08, 2009

7:17 AM(California)
3:17 PM(Plymouth, UK)
I'm sitting at a cafe called WE LOVE COFFEE. It sits across the street from a Starbucks. I wonder if it's owned by Starbucks, but given the false look of a local shop to mask those who oppose the evil empire. Hmmmm....? Well... all is fine and dandy here in sunny England. We played in Exeter last night at a place called the HUB. In the past I've always played the CAVERN(a place which I love), but I didn't book this tour this time around and am actually kicking myself a bit for not doing so. Anyways, the staff at the HUB were all very inviting and kind towards us. The main guy in charge was a guy named Garth who was very hospitable. He let us sleep in a loft on top of the club. One of the filthiest places we've stayed, but still a kind gesture. I've taken some pictures which I will try to post later. We went to the market and bought garbage bags to line the floor for our nights sleep. And though the place was no HILTON, the convenience of staying at the same place you played is hard to beat. Plus the shower was easily the best we have come across on tour. Intense water pressure makes for a dreamy experience.

The show was interesting to say the least. I played about 18 minutes, in which I was still able to knock out 7 songs. I can't really describe the atmosphere/clientele, but very surreal and one that I appreciate as I file it in my personal memoirs. The night before we played SOUTHAMPTON. We stayed at a woman's house named KRISTIANNE. A wonderful experience as she treated us like royalty. Everyone got their own bedding, clean towels, plenty of food, and she even did laundry for us. Going as far as ironing our trowsers. Much too kind.

To be honest, everyone in the UK has been so extremely nice to us, it's really a humbling experience. We played a club called TALKING HEADS in SHAMPTON and the whole staff were just so positive. The only unfortunate circumstance was that Jesse's guitar was stolen. DOH!! But Kristianne's boyfriend let us use his guitar for the duration of our tour. Unbelieveable. It gives you hope that the human race isn't entirely filled with assholes.

Anyways, 10 more days of tour. Things are definitely cruising by faster now. I miss the family more than anyone can imagine.
Be well.
mike park