May 04, 2009

6:44 AM(california)
2:44 PM(cambridge)
Here we go again. Sorry for the op ivy puns, but when in rome.. Yes, so we just got on the train headed to Kingston. It's gonna be a little tricky as today is a bank holiday and therefore a bit of construction on the railways.

Two nights ago we played in London at the UNDERGROUND in camden town. We played with a great band called Sonic Boom 6. They have a strong front woman and though only around 5 ft tall and no more than 100 pounds, she's just got that X factor and it was neat to see her power over the audience.

I hate most big cities, so London fits perfectly in that category. The hustle and bustle of places like NYC, TOKYO, PARIS, etc.. the experience makes me crazy and I'd rather hang out in Bavaria and drink tea in a small cafe than hang out in a big city. But playing music should never be about boundaries, so that includes big and small communities.

But yes.. Saturday was a long day that included a stop at the BBC to record for a show called LOCK DOWN and then the show at the UNDERWORLD and then a train ride to CAMBRIDGE. Wheeeew... it was nice to finally lay my head down to rest.

The shows have been pretty fun. I'm starting to get in the flow of things personally. The music is starting to come across a bit easier and therefore more enjoyable. I actually enjoying watching Classics of Love play more than I enjoy my own set at times. Last night in Cambridge, Jesse's guitar amp wasn't working, so he was relegated to front man only duties. A blessing in disguise. It was like watching OPERATION IVY all over again. Just a bit older on both the performance and audience side of things.

And so we trek on for the next show in Kingston. Hoping the energy remains at a high level and hoping that we can all remain healthy and energized. Be well friends.
Peace, mike park