May 02, 2009

12:37 AM(california)
8:37 AM(Brighton, England)
Oh my.... We are forging ahead and hoping for the best. It has come to my attention that perhaps my time on the road has truly passed me by. The idea of being gone until May 18th has become a dagger in my heart. I'm trying desperately to keep my mind occupied, but thoughts of my family keep surrounding my ability to separate the two entities. Woe is me. Traveling by train again, but this time with a group of 5 people. I'm not sure how easy this will be to be honest. In the past, 3 was the most amount of people traveling and the addition of 2 more is quite daunting to be perfectly honest. Well, we'll see how we fare in the end. Trying to be optimistic, but it's a bad sign when you're already feeling burnt after day one of tour.

We've been in England for 3 days. Arriving on Wednesday, we've been hanging out in Brighton with our friends Emma and Buzz. They live in a small one bedroom flat, but have opened their home to 5 smelly men(I'm sure they're quite happy to have their home back). And it's always nice to spend time in this coastal city. And being blessed with good weather has made for a nice change of pace in dear old England.
I think everyone has beaten their jet lag, so as long as everyone can stay healthy, we'll be just fine.

On Thursday we played a house show at a lad named WOB'S home. It was a last minute idea by Buzz, but I'm truly glad for the opportunity. A charming place about 5 minutes by train from Brighton central station. We played in a large bedroom and managed to cram 25 people in there. Classics of Love played acoustic and sounded wonderful. I think house shows are truly the best. Wish we could do more in England, but the availability of these types of shows seem less available than in the US of A.

Last night we played a club called the Engine Room that was situated right by the beach. It was a smaller turnout than we hoped for. 78 people paid, but it seemed like everyone was enjoying myself. I'm not sure what I thought about my set? Just ok.. I can't recall thinking this was a brilliant evening, but I think my mood shifted for the worst when I got up on stage with Classics of Love to play guitar and then just butchered one of their songs. Damn.. Embarrassing.

We're on our way to LONDON. The band is doing a BBC session for a punk show they have. It's gonna be a long day. Wish me luck. Actually, I'll probably nap while they record, so all is good. I'll write more tomorrow. Be well.
Peace, mike park