April 27, 2009

12:32 PM(California)
2:32 PM(Illinois)
I'm in Springfield, IL. where I think a lot of people agree the Simpsons are from. At least that's the SPRINGFIELD I think of when associating said cartoon town. Anyways,this is our last show before jumping over the pond to the UK tomorrow.

Thus far we've played Minneapolis, Chicago, and Elgin. All shows have been great. Good local bands, friendly faces, and overall a good experience. There was a weird incident after the Chicago show where somebody flicked a cigarette at Jesse. You know the type. Some drunkard punk rocker who thinks being punk is doing something extreme. Luckily Jesse's monk like training kept him calm under the situation.

And we did have a tire blow out in Minneapolis, which caused a bit of a delay on our travels, but nothing out of the ordinary.

We stayed at my friends Jenny and Phillip's house in Chicago. We all got hooked up with tons of food and everyone had a bed to sleep on, so we were extremely excited eating more food than we could possibly ingest.

Chicago has always seemed like a second home to me. In addition to the numerous asian man bands that come from the windy city, I've amassed some really good friends and it's always nice to see them. Sometimes a bit overwhelming in the short amount of time you get to spend there when doing just one show in town, but nevertheless a wonderful city that's only downfall is their obsession with the cubs....but that's another story altogether. ummmm... yup.

Ok, need to do some other work, so I will report back tomorrow. Be well friends and thanks to those who came out to the shows thus far. Looking forward to seeing friendly faces and meeting new ones too.
Be well.
Mike Park