April 24, 2009

5:31 AM(California)
8:31 AM(New Hampshire)
I am sitting at gate 15 at the Manchester, NH airport. My 10 AM flight will take me out to Minneapolis to start a 4 week tour. The last 48 hours have been exhausting and I'm ready for more flights, long drives, and lack of sleep.

On wednesday I flew with my family to Manchester with a layover in Las Vegas. We left my house at 11 AM and arrived at our final destination of GRAY, MAINE at 3 AM. The last leg of the trip included a 2 hr drive in heavy rains, as my night vision(or lack of) had me wondering if I was even in a lane at times. My in-laws were awake upon our arrival. They're usually up and about at 4 AM, but were ready to go in anticipation of our arrival.

A 5 hr blast of sleep and I was up and working all day catching up on email and other necessities for my trip. My 24 hr stay would include nothing more than sitting in front of a computer and then enjoying a new england feast of mussels, clams, and lobster. Unbelieveably good...! Thanks Nappi family.

My attempt to stay up in order to get a good nights sleep failed miserably as I dozed off at around 8:30 PM and woke up 45 minutes later well rested as my internal clock was at 6 PM time on the west cost. DOH!! I ended up staying up til' past 1 AM and got a somewhat restful 3 hrs sleep. I'm hoping I can get some rest on the plane, but that's usually a long shot for me. My large frame usually has a hard time getting comfortable on planes.

I play the triple rock tonight in MPLS and then I fly into Chicago tomorrow morning. 3 days of driving through the midwest and then off to London on Tuesday. I'll have tons of time to write, so keep checking back often. Be well friends.
Peace always,
Mike Park