March 21, 2009

10:12 PM
Ahhhhh... the simplicity of silence is truly golden. Well, at least for now. The kids are asleep, my wife is asleep, and I sit here in the dark with the warm glow of this monitor staring back at me saying " you too should go to sleep!!"

But even through the past few years of being a father, my night owl instinct still kicks in. Wonder if it is a permanent characteristic that will be impossible to get rid of? hmmmm...

Well, last night I played a show in Santa Cruz, California at a place called the CREPE PLACE. It's a perfect venue to be honest. It's all ages, but they have a full bar and restaurant. And it's very cozy. It fits about 150 people if it was packed to the walls, so very inviting even if there's only 50 people or so. It's actually a place I would love to run one day, but that's never gonna happen. But I like to play make believe.

Anyways, the show kind of sucked. Even though I really like this place, there was a strong bar contingency in back and the crowd noise was filtering my creative juices. OK.. Basically, if you ever see me play a live show and I'm not talking much, then you know I'm probably upset at the crowd noise. In these cases, I tune everything out. My eyes are closed and I just play music. One song after another and that's what last night was. And to be honest, it makes it more enjoyable for me. I am trying my hardest to appreciate music no matter what. Yay for me.

So here I am, it's still quite early, but the idea of going out and leaving the family is something that I just don't like doing much these days. Unless it's something of grandiose proportions. I like the idea of just being at home knowing my family is close and yup.. it's hard to explain.

Anyways, good night moon, good kittens, good night mittens.
mike park