March 14, 2009

10:49 AM
I'm sitting cross legged in a dimly lit apartment in Seattle, Wa.. My friend Cameron came down to Portland last night and I accompanied him back to Seattle after the show. For some reason I thought the drive to Seattle was a bit shorter, but the addition of a major accident on I-5 made the drive time nearly 4 hours and complete delirium was in full swing as I tried to be the good shot gun passenger and keep the driver alert. Somehow I did this, but all the while my eyes were heavy and sleep was much desired.

Last night I played a punk house called the COOP. Everyone was so kind and inviting from the moment we arrived. I'm really enjoying playing these house shows. The environment and vibe are usually so exciting and full of energy.

The night was long though. 6 bands, but fortunately all the bands were fun and nice people. It's hard to get into the swing of touring lifestyle in one night. Especially these days when I have a domestic lifestyle back home with my family. It takes time to get in the tour mode swing of things. But this trip is too short for that too happen. My flight back home leaves at 7:20 AM, so I'll be sure to have a tired trip back home.

Man, I still haven't gone to the dentist to fix my toothache. Time to pop some advil. Ouch..
peace, mike park