February 19, 2009

9:57 AM
I've now had somewhat of a sore throat/cough for 13 days. And though I feel much, much better I'm still a little concerned. Is this normal? Why can't I beat it entirely?

We've had more rain this past weekend than we've had the entire fall/winter. We're talking non-stop rain from Friday til'Tuesday mid-day. Usually I wouldn't care, but there's a flooding problem at my mom's house. So for 5 days we(she mostly) had to keep mopping up the downstairs corner. Seriously... NON STOP water. We had 23 towels spread out all over the floor and every 2-3 hours we'd have to ring them out. fun

But now we've got a break in the weather until saturday. The experts tell us that another storm is coming. My brother in law dug some trenches to divert the water. We'll see if it worked. I hope so. Interesting eh?
mike park