February 05, 2009

8:32 AM
i'm sitting in a dimly lighted room in Carpenteria, California. Just south of Santa Barbara.

I played a noon show at UC SANTA BARBARA yesterday. These shows are very difficult for me to get pumped up for. The setting is awkward... as you are playing in the quad area near the cafeteria and students are bustling from class to class or they are on break for lunch.

AND I always feel like I'm some kind of comic fodder for those who happen to come upon my performance. Anyways, I do these because colleges pay really well and ya know... I've got to make a living somehow. And playing music for one hour to an apathetic crowd is much better than working in an office 9 to 5.

Actually, when I was in Skankin' Pickle I enjoyed the noon shows. But that's because the band was such a visual delight and we had a crazy live show. It was hard not to enjoy even for the casual music fan.

But yup.. I'm doing two more shows and then an early flight back home Saturday morning. It feels weird to be away from the family even for a short burst of time. I miss them already.
mike park