January 28, 2009

2:21 PM
Hello people. It's a beautiful Wednesday. Have you seen a movie called the Wrestler? This perhaps is the best movie I've seen in the last 10 years. I'm not kidding. Even if you don't like Wrestling, you'll enjoy this movie. Mickey Rourke and Marissa Tomei are the leads and I didn't know Marissa Tomei did nude scenes. I was shocked. Maybe I only know movies like MY COUSIN VINNIE, but yup.. I thought it was a body double at first, but then I went.. Nope.. that's her.

Last week I flew into Ontario airport and played one show at UC RIVERSIDE. I played with Matt Embree from the band RX BANDITS. All I have to say is "this guy is one good musician and singer". I kept thinking to myself "this guy is really good. I'm really bad compared to him, but I can definitely beat him at basketball, so all is even steven". But yes.. my goodness he has talent. Wish I could play and sing like that, but I can't. Oh well.

I'm off to do some more shows next week. I fly out Tuesday night and play three shows starting at UC SANTA BARBARA and ending in Hollywood. And though there are two children in my life, the hope is to still play music and not become complacent in the world of being a grown up. I mean geeez... I feel like the ambassador of the "staying young til I die" idiom.

And then later this year I will head off to England again to see old friends, meet new friends, eat lots of fried stuff, and again enjoy playing music. I can't wait.

Peace, mike park