January 14, 2009

8:20 AM
Yeah, I know.. Or as my daughter would say..."I KNOW". It's very cute to hear her talk. Albeit difficult to understand at times, but yup.. she's really cute and I love her so. Oh by the way, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 2009. WOW.

I spent new years eve sitting on the couch reading a magazine. My wife and kids were asleep by 9 PM. But I am a true night owl every night and the feeling of guilt wouldn't allow me to go out on new years eve without my family and to be honest, it wouldn't be the same. I don't drink(or rarely do), so the excitement of holiday debauchery is limited to actual fun activity. Though there were a handful of shows I really wanted to go to, but...it's all good.

We're getting record high temperatures. I went for a bike ride in shorts and a t-shirt yesterday afternoon as the thermostat read 72. Chris McCaughan whom I talked to earlier in the day noted that Chicago was getting the polar opposite. -15 wind chill factor. OUCH!!

It's kind of strange to be honest. Is this proof positive that we are truly going through global warming. I mean come on, it's 8:30 AM in January and it's already 64 degrees outside. We're not slated to have any chance of rain until the end of the month. Not good for our already dangerous drought conditions, but it's still hard not to enjoy the weather.

I've found myself working early and leaving earlier to spend time outside. I even set up a table at work outside just to feel the warmth of the sun beaming upon my face. Ahhhh.. it feels good.

But yes, life is enjoyable. Even though sleep is still at a premium as we traverse forward during the terrible two's and a baby that still nurses through the night. My poor wife. Little sleep=?? I guess little sleep. But that will change. FUN FUN
Be well.
Mike Park