December 16, 2008

8:31 AM
Long time, no speak.. It's extremely difficult these days to find time to do a lot of the things I enjoy. Specifically writing down thoughts, random words at times, and therefore this very moment in time is precious. I have my son in a baby sling whilst I bounce on a core ball. Maggie is somehow entertaining herself doing something that she probably shouldn't be doing and I'm deciding it's time to write.

Last weekend was special. We opened the PFP CENTER in Stockton, California. Much adoration from the community was appreciated as the man who I hired to run the center(Middaugh Goodwyn) is a long time staple in the local music scene. So watching this unfold from my vantage point was real and sincere. Those kids were stoked to have a place to call home. I wonder what now? Will the center be able to survive on it's on merit? Now that the economic boom has spiraled down and down, what can we expect? We've got limited funds that will probably keep us open for 1 year unless we are able to bring in some revenue. We'll see what happens.

But yes, the point is that we did it. For the last 5 years I've been raising money to open a youth center and I'm proud of the fact that it's a reality. And to the hundreds of people who have helped us by donating time and funds. It's really a blessing. When you get a $5 donation from some young kid living thousands of miles away, it says something. That he is willing to give a little to a place that is so far away because he/she believes in the idea of what we're doing. Yes, it's very humbling and satisfying.

I was able to share this event with my own music. Along with comrades Kevin Seconds and Jesse Michaels. Jesse hasn't played music in so long, his honest approach to his limitations as a guitar player/singer is earnest and makes for a real presentation. Lately he's been rehearsing with a band and will debut his music with a full rock ensemble this Saturday in San Francisco. I went to a rehearsal on Sunday and it sounds amazing. Again, the burst of that vocal growl that made Operation Ivy famous still gives me chills.

Ok, my luck has run out. Baby is crying, maggie has poo pooed and I'm done.
Mike Park