December 10, 2008
8:29 AM

Geeez, sorry for the neglect here. I've been overwhelmed, plus my mind is racing with other thoughts and whenever I have a free moment I like sitting or lying as I stare blank into space. it's fun.. try it.

I played a few shows last weekend. The first in a long time. Thursday was in Berkeley at 924 GILMAN. Played with Jesse Michaels and Kevin Seconds. It was the first time Jesse had played there in 20 years. The last time was OPERATION IVY'S last show. Pretty neat to experience to be perfectly honest. I did a cover of "THE CROWD" and to my complete surprise, Jesse came over and started singing. Goose bumps traversed up the arm as that voice, that oh so powerful voice gave me a shot of adrenaline that was not felt in a long long time.

The next night, the three of us played in San Jose at a video arcade. Playing these non-bar shows are great. I hate playing conventional venues and these past two shows have been great thus far.

This weekend is the opening of the plea for peace center in STOCKTON, California. Exciting!! Hope we can do good things for the community and bring the knowledge of this experience to other cities that need youth based activities. We'll see.
mike park