December 01, 2008

6:51 AM
The first day of December. WOW!! XMAS is right around the corner. It's hard to believe. The lights and decorations are starting to trickle throughout the neighborhood. My plastic XMAS tree will be put up this week, so we'll proudly display our faux Charlie Brown tree.

This past weekend, I had three thanksgiving dinners in less than 22 hours. Every year, friends from Santa Cruz have a TDAY eve party called BROS GIVING. This year the food was exceptional. There's usually too many repeat dishes. Example:3 people will make stuffing.. :(

But this time, so much variety. Cajun gumbo, shepherds pie, roasted veggies, of course turkey. Just real good. My sister made TDAY on the actual day and made a wonderful corn bread stuffing and a turkey that was way too big for the 5 of us that were partaking in the feast. But good for leftovers.

And then I wrapped up TDAY with a trek back to Santa Cruz where Dan Potthast was having a vegan TDAY, even though he's not vegan. FUN FUN

Washed it down with a dozen donuts from FERRELS and there you had a calorie intake of at least 7,000 caloric units shoved into my body. Good for me? Hmmmm...

Insane in the brain.. Somehow we're still getting ridiculously good weather here. Going for a walk yesterday, it was definitely still shorts and t-shirt temperatures. When will the cold begin?

Hopefully never. Be well.
mike park