November 17, 2008

11:59 PM

Maggie Elizabeth Park turned 2 years old today.

And though she still doesn't understand the birthday concept, I'm pretty sure she had a lot of fun. Or at least was given a jolt of good times from the sugar rush.

My mom got her a tricycle.

Pretty neat. My sister got her a talking Elmo and Monica and I got her a camera that is supposed to be child proof. Meaning you can drop it and drop it and it still works. But it's pretty ghetto. We're thinking of returning it. But yup.. The kid is growing my friends. And little Moses is just wondering what the heck is going on?
I need to cherish these moments more than ever.

Yesterday, my friend Teresa hooked me up with free tickets to the 49ers. Included were these BBQ tickets where you get to meet some ex-players and the cheerleaders.

I think they liked me. I bet I'm their type of man eh? No? Oh well. Funny though. And the BBQ.. Yikes! I can usually eat anything, but this was some horrible food. We're talking unedible stuff. But I still ate a lot. And the weather. Holy shmoly. November 16th and the weather in San Francisco is scorching hot. Ridiculous!! I was dripping wet my halftime.

I had to leave a little early, but man I like free stuff.
My life.
mike park