November 12, 2008

9:42 AM
Did you know yesterday was my Birthday? I am now 39 years old. WOW!! But I still feel like a young kid. I guess that's a positive right? I hope so. In my mind, I'm still cool with the kids? Or perhaps I'm just kidding myself.. hmmmm..???

For some reason, I don't like celebrating my birthday. Which is strange cause I love celebrating others, but I just don't like the attention. I never tell a soul and even my family knows that I just don't want any special treatment. My wife did make me a cake and my mom and sister got me some clothes, but other than that business as usual.

I've been playing basketball on Tuesday nights in adult league in MT. VIEW, CA.. Last night out team won 110-58. I think if we really wanted to, we could have won by even more. There is an older gentleman named Rich, who pays all the fees to play in this league and he just picks up the players he wants. I have been on his team a few times over the years, but somehow I've not made his list the past 4 or 5 seasons. I really like playing basketball, so this is a nice time for me. But we are so far superior than any other team, that it's a bit difficult getting pumped up. Last night, with 5 minutes left in the first half, RICH said "if we score 100 points, I'll take you guys out to dinner". FREE FOOD? Does this resonate the same way to the other members of the team? I guess so cause we got 100 and dinner will be served in a few weeks at a nice restaurant. Or so he says.

And that my friends is what makes me happy.
Mike Park