November 10, 2008

9:43 AM
Another nice day, but the morning cold captures it's strength three fold in the Asian Man basement. Brrr.... Freezing, my hoodie covers the head and my toes numb from the cold. It's only going to get worse as we dive deeper into the fall and winter to follow. The only downfall of asian man is the lack of heat downstairs where we run everything. Nothing really to complain about considering people in Maine would laugh at such weather injustices by comparison.

I actually made it out last Friday for a few hours. I trekked over to the Alkaline Trio show at San Jose State University. It's a rare occurrence when friends make it to San Jose. This was an arena rock show in the basketball arena called the events center. I'd say there were around 5,000 people there. Strange.. It's ok if a band like BON JOVI rocks the arena, but when you've grown up with a band and have seen them in basements and record stores playing in front of 20 people, it's quite a change to see that experience in a huge space with thousands of people. But pretty cool too. Proud of them.

My son will be 4 weeks old this Wednesday and my daughter will be 2 years old a week from today. How time flies when you're having fun. For the most part at least. It's not so fun changing poopie diapers, but that's life. Alright, back to work.
mike park