November 05, 2008

3:35 PM
Instead of writing the obvious, I'll just say that I'm excited to see what the future holds with Mr. Obama leading the United States of America.

His speech last night made me teary eyed as I watched a see of people of all ages and ethnicity gather to celebrate the launch of hope.

In the worlds eyes, countries in Europe, Asia, South America have all showed people celebrating and showing their love towards the new president to be. As a world traveler this gives me hope to once again be in accord with my foreign hosts that the US is the greatest country. And to no longer be ashamed of being an American.

From Berlin, to Vienna, to Paris, Budapest, I saw graffiti filled walls denouncing our country and how it hurt so very much. For those who don't travel out of the states, you have no idea how poorly we have been looked upon for the last 8 years.

Even in the most peaceful offerings, I don't think George Bush could do a public speaking out of the US without massive protests. And that is a sad thing.

But again, I'm hopeful that time will heal and that once again America will be the proud nation it deserves to be.
mike park