October 27, 2008

9:55 PM
Mr. Moses Park is now 12 days old. And believe me, time flies by faster than anyone can ever imagine. I remember being a little kid and thinking how long the year would last. How badly I wanted to advance to that next number. Telling people I was 6 and half or 7 and 3/4 years old. But now I'm thinking aloud "2009 is next year?" How is that possible. And didn't my wife and I just have a baby girl? But Maggie will turn 2 years old in exactly 25 days. This is mind blowing to me. And I know that little Mo will soon elevate into a young man in a few blinks.

But all is more than well. I'm extremely blessed with a wife who does all the late night comforting. That means I get to sleep during the feedings. For those who happen to have kids and can relate, ummm...well, yeah, I'm pretty lucky.

It seems like so much has blurred by in the last few weeks. I was lucky to have been asked to officiate a wedding for my friend Adam Davis. He played in the band LINK 80 and I've known him for the last decade now. I'm really enjoying the wedding officiating. Not to stroke my ego, but I'm getting really good at it. I love weddings. I'm sure I've said it before, but dang.. They're fun. And I don't have to get a gift because I'm officiating the darn wedding. That's my gift. I've officiate three weddings this year and I hope more people ask me next year. I like all the free food. Wedding rehearsal = free food and then of course the wedding = mucho free food. But to be honest, the rehearsal dinners have kicked much ass. Two out of the three this year were far better than the actual wedding food.

So what is going on now? Not much. Just being dad. Running asian man and still doing a bit of touring. I've added a handful of n. cal dates for december and will start moving about the country in FEB. Ok, here's some more photos for you to make you smile.
Peace, mike park