December 30, 2003
12:15 PM

The weather is still gloomy, but at least it's not raining. Hmmmm.. Actually, it is raining. It's a light sprinkle, but it looks like a heavy downpour is not out of the question. I had a big date last night Woohoo. It was with my guitar. I feel so bad for neglecting you my dearest guitar, but alas I am hear to hold you and caress you. I spent a good 2-3 hours with my friend. I should name my guitar..... Hmmm...nah. That's silly. But it was good to just play. I hadn't played for so long. It's crazy how I take you for granted. I made dinner for the two of us. Cheese ravioli. It was actually left over from when Julie lived with me and she didn't take it with her, so I made it and ate it last night. For dessert, a peanut butter Jelly treat with celery. Mmm..Mmm..Good Sorry if that was boring. I'm off to do some recording tonight in Berkeley. The year is almost up. Yikes. I'm listening to this gentleman named Grant Olney exclusively today. I need to learn his songs as I'm going to record some saxaphone on the record. Woohoo...

Peace, mike park