October 08, 2008

8:22 AM
Baby #2 is coming soon. Monica's belly is getting lower and lower and all the symptoms from baby #1 gives us the indication that #2 is to come very soon. It seems all so fast and really.. I'm starting to get a bit nervous. And excited of course. It's gonna be a huge responsibility. I need to get ready and make sure that I'm prepared for all facets of infant fatherhood.

Wonder how Maggie will react to her new brother? I hope she doesn't get too jealous. I know there will be some resentment on her part, but it would awesome if she were to embrace him from the start. Speaking of Maggie. Haven't posted any pics in a long time, but here's a youtube link of her yesterday. She's growing up fast.

Needs a bit of work on her abc's, but she'll be there.
mike park