October 02, 2008

9:43 AM
And so another week flys by!!
Last weekend was anything but relaxing. Little Maggie doesn't do well without her naps. She slept for 40 minutes on the drive down to Monterey and then played whimsically throughout the next 10 hours. We stretched her normal sleep pattern so far off course that we experienced many firsts with her throughout the day/evening. A rehearsal dinner that we thought started at 6 PM, didn't get going til' 7:30 and dinner wasn't completed til nearly 10 PM. At that point, we were speed eating through the courses and then fled off back to the hotel as soon as we could.

Maggie was asleep in the car within 2 minutes of pulling out of the parking lot. Great food by the way. Just our luck, Maggie was up and jumping around by 5:30 AM. Remarkably, I was asleep by 11 PM, so I still got more than 6 hrs of shuteye. Pretty good for me.

I decided to go for a walk as the beach was just a half mile away. It's crazy to see how many people are up and at em' at this time of the day. It dark and foggy, but really warm. It felt good to hear the waves crashing and the smell of sea water fill my lungs.

The wedding was an early one. 11 AM start time, so we got there a bit before 10 AM. I went through the ceremony in my head as I got mentally prepared to officiate. Located at a beach house right against the water, you couldn't imagine a more beautiful setting. It was a small wedding of around 70 people. Things went well. I'm enjoying the wedding process more and more. It felt good to give away my friends in marriage. I hope people keep asking me to do their wedding.

Maggie was again losing her mind. We took turns taking her outside while the others ate lunch. The others being myself, my mom, and Monica. And once we finished with the main course, we decided it was too much for Maggie and we headed home. Saying our goodbyes, we were the first to leave. Again, Maggie was asleep in the car within minutes. She slept the entire drive home and then 2 more hours once we dropped her off in her crib.

But wedding number 2 was to start in a few hours. Friends of ours named Tiffany and Sean were getting married in San Francisco at 5 PM. We tried to go for a power nap that turned into 2 hours of sleep. Which meant we missed the wedding, but arrived at the reception just in time for the food. I mean exactly when we sat down, the food arrived. What amazing timing.

And the food was ridiculously good. I ate so much, that even I was impressed. It was a fancy wedding in a fancy hotel. I couldn't imagine the price on this one, but damn.. if you got the money then why not? I'll enjoy myself regardless. We went through course after course of food and then the entire wedding party moved to a penthouse suite where they continued the wedding. A bar overseeing the city and desserts galore filled an 18 foot table. I ate more even though I could barely button my pants.

And as the clock struck 9:47 PM, we again bid farewell and headed home. $18 to park for 2.5 hrs and off we went. Wow.. That was a fun day, but geez. Exhaustion..
mike park