September 18, 2008

10:44 AM
Yesterday I received an email from a young man named Hector. He read the asian man records website that says "TRADES? I will trade music for anything"

And Mr. Hector works at the CENTURY THEATERS in good ol' San Jose. These are the big theaters that I grew up going to. They are those huge domed in architecture type of buildings. Are these only in N. California? Hmmm....

Anyways, big score for me. I'm hooked up to go to any movie now. So I celebrated by going to the 9:55 PM showing of TROPIC THUNDER. And I hate a packed theater, so I knew a 10 PM showing of a movie that's been out for nearly a month would garner very little attendance and I was correct.

So imagine a gigantic theater, with state of the art sound, and perfect temperature, blah blah blah. And myself, my friend Karl, and two other people taking up exactly 2% of the total seating. Ahhhhh.. Heaven.

TROPIC THUNDER... Genius. That's all I have to say about that. Hector hooked us up with free popcorn and drinks. Ahhhh...the particulars of an aging punk rock.. Yes, this is what gets me off. Still.
Mike Park