September 12, 2008

10:34 PM
I sit cross legged at SFO INTL AIRPORT. I have a red eye flight that leaves for MPLS, MN at 12:15 AM. I just spent $21.87 on a chicken sandwich, side of fries, and a coke. In my terminal or row of gates, the only option was a place called PERRY'S, which was a typical airport restaurant/bar. With ridiculous prices of course. The act of spending too much money on food is a big kryptonite of mine, but I just went for it. Argghhh...!! Why is it so hard for me to spend money on non-bargain ventures? WHY?

I'm hoping the flight is not full. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. How nice it will be to stretch my legs and relax. Hopefully the inflight magazine has SUDOKU and I can mathematize myself to sleep. I'm peering across the airport at the departure gate and I count around 35-40 people. But it's still early. 95 minutes til we depart, so this tame number could multiply quickly. But I am still optimistic. With gas prices so high, flights have followed suit, so perhaps people can't afford to fly like they used to? Hmmmm....

So.....I'm heading out to MPLS to officiate a wedding. My friend Julie Wager is getting married to a gentleman named Steven Candy. No relationship to Chris Candy. I'm trying to think if I know of any other Candy's??? I can't recall that I do. Is it a rare last name?

I arrive at 5:45 AM CENTRAL TIME and hopefully can manage a few hours of sleep on the plane and then perhaps a bit of a nap when I get there. Julie sprang for a hotel in exchange for my services. It's hard charging friends for this service that I do. Luckily this is the only wedding that is out of town for the rest of the year. But I like hotels. Especially if they're nice. I like being naked in my room, knowing that it is just me and it doesn't matter that I am naked. I like ordering pizza and then eating it naked while watching tv all night. And then I like taking multiple showers, toweling off and then lying on the bed naked while watching tv, and eating leftover pizza crust. Yes, I am a winner.
Mike Park

It's now 12:37 AM
I am on board NORTHWEST AIRLINES flight 362 . It's a full house. I sit cramped next to an older gentleman whom unfortunately is stuck in the middle seat. I doubt I'll be getting any zzzzz....s on this flight. It's really uncomfortable. But only 3 hrs left, so hooray hooray. Right before boarding, they made an announcement saying the flight was overbooked by 3 people and were offering $300 flight vouchers to anyone who would take the 6 AM flight instead. That's when I knew we'd be in for a pleasant journey. It seems most people are already asleep. I guess being 6' 1" and 220 pounds doesn't help the comfort level. If I was 150 pounds and a mere 5' 9" things would be a lot more enjoyable. oh well. Again, only 3 hrs left. That's gonna be an eternity. YAY!!