September 03, 2008

7:42 AM
These past few days I've slept really well. I even managed 9 hours of sleep a few nights ago, which hasn't happened in decades. I'd say three nights in a row have put me in bed before midnight, which is strange for me. I'm such a night person, but hopefully I can change that pattern.

We're getting down to the nitty gritty of baby #2. Exactly 7.5 weeks remain til' the due date, but hopefully our little one will make it out earlier and give some relief for mommy. We've been getting the baby stuff ready and Maggie seems to understand that the big gut around mommy is a baby. Well, at least she'll point at it and say BABY. So hopefully she's ready for the new brother to come into her life.

Next weekend, I'm heading to Minneapolis to perform a wedding for my friend Julie. This will be wedding number 6 for me. And then two more in the following weeks. I haven't done one since last year, so I'll have to practice up for next week.

Alright, back to playing with my daughter and then work. WOOHOO!!
Mike Park