December 29, 2003
1:45 PM

It's raining today like cats and dogs. Where does that saying come from? I don't know what it's like when it rains cats and dogs, but I guess that means it's raining pretty hard, so yes...It's raining like cats and dogs. This past weekend was exhilarating. Fresh off the xmas high, I went to the movies in Union City from opening til' closing..

That's 15 hours. 10 AM-1 AM. I went with super hero Mara Sohn, who is the best real life super hero in the world. Saturday was spent eating relaxing in the morning and then it was off to Oakland to meet up with Super Hero Mara and we ate Chinese food at Lius Kitchen and then went to a post xmas party in Alameda. It was my friend Peter along with his fiance Erin and his siter Sarah. I met Sarah years ago in Santa Cruz. She was a skinhead girl and I would always see her at the trad. ska shows like Laurel Aitken or the Skatalites. But whenever I see her I can't help but comment on her Skinhead roots. But now she's all grown up, super tall, and she loves the Oakland A's.

That was a fun party because the people there ruled and some of us broke away and played TABOO. Of course I won along with Mara as my partner. I don't lose at anything. Sunday was spent relaxing and relaxing and eating. I didn't do anything last night. Now the pitter patter of rain calls on me to get back to work. Hope you're having a great day.

Peace, Mike Park